Firebase UI Auth

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Firebase UI Auth is a set of Flutter widgets and utilities designed to help you build and integrate your user interface with Firebase Authentication.

Please contribute to the discussion with feedback.

Platform support

Feature/platform Android iOS Web macOS Windows Linux
Email (1) (1)
Email link
Email verification (2) (2) (1) (1)
Sign in with Apple
Google Sign in (1) (1)
Twitter Login (1) (1)
Facebook Sign in (1) (1)
  1. Available with flutterfire_desktop
  2. No deep-linking into app, so email verification link opens a web page


flutter pub add firebase_ui_auth


Here's a quick example that shows how to build a SignInScreen and ProfileScreen in your app

import 'package:flutter/material.dart';
import 'package:firebase_auth/firebase_auth.dart' hide EmailAuthProvider;
import 'package:firebase_ui_auth/firebase_ui_auth.dart';

class MyApp extends StatelessWidget {
  Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    final providers = [EmailAuthProvider()];

    return MaterialApp(
      initialRoute: FirebaseAuth.instance.currentUser == null ? '/sign-in' : '/profile',
      routes: {
        '/sign-in': (context) {
          return SignInScreen(
            providers: providers,
            actions: [
              AuthStateChangeAction<SignedIn>((context, state) {
                Navigator.pushReplacementNamed(context, '/profile');
        '/profile': (context) {
          return ProfileScreen(
            providers: providers,
            actions: [
              SignedOutAction((context) {
                Navigator.pushReplacementNamed(context, '/sign-in');

Profile screen icons

If you're using ProfileScreen, make sure to add the following to your pubspec.yaml:

  - family: SocialIcons
      - asset: packages/firebase_ui_auth/fonts/SocialIcons.ttf


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