Flutter Firebase Notification Scheduler

A simple plugin to schedule your firebase notification with help of this Rapid api


Add firebase_notification_scheduler as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file.

firebase_notification_scheduler : ^0.0.2

How to

Creating API Key's

  1. Signup for the Firebase Notification Scheduler Rapid API and get API Key from here.
  2. Create your authentication key from here

Initialising Package

final FirebaseNotificationScheduler firebaseNotificationScheduler =  
        authenticationKey: <YOUR-RAPID-API-KEY> ,
        rapidApiKey:  <YOUR-AUTHENTICATION-KEY>

Scheduling a notification

//Schedules a notification to the topic 'any' for next minute
    final String _payload = {
      "to": "/topics/any",
      "notification": {
        "title": "Title of Your Notification",
        "body": "Body of Your Notification"
      "data": {"key_1": "Value for key_1", "key_2": "Value for key_2"}
    final DateTime _now = DateTime.now().toUtc();
    final DateTime _dateTimeInUtc = _now.add(const Duration(minutes: 1));

    await firebaseNotificationScheduler.scheduleNotification(
        payload: _payload, dateTimeInUtc: _dateTimeInUtc);

Getting all Scheduled notifications

List<ScheduledNotification> list=await firebaseNotificationScheduler.getAllScheduledNotification();

Cancelling a notification

firebaseNotificationScheduler.cancelNotification(messageId: 'k3821Fq0jQ0U-sDXp');