signInWithEmailAndPassword method Null safety

Future<UserCredential> signInWithEmailAndPassword(
  1. {required String email,
  2. required String password}

Attempts to sign in a user with the given email address and password.

If successful, it also signs the user in into the app and updates any authStateChanges, idTokenChanges or userChanges stream listeners.

Important: You must enable Email & Password accounts in the Auth section of the Firebase console before being able to use them.

A FirebaseAuthException maybe thrown with the following error code:

  • invalid-email:
  • Thrown if the email address is not valid.
  • user-disabled:
  • Thrown if the user corresponding to the given email has been disabled.
  • user-not-found:
  • Thrown if there is no user corresponding to the given email.
  • wrong-password:
  • Thrown if the password is invalid for the given email, or the account corresponding to the email does not have a password set.


Future<UserCredential> signInWithEmailAndPassword({
  required String email,
  required String password,
}) async {
  try {
    return UserCredential._(
      await _delegate.signInWithEmailAndPassword(email, password),
  } on FirebaseAuthMultiFactorExceptionPlatform catch (e) {
    throw FirebaseAuthMultiFactorException._(this, e);
  } catch (e) {