sendPasswordResetEmail method Null safety

Future<void> sendPasswordResetEmail(
  1. {required String email,
  2. ActionCodeSettings? actionCodeSettings}

Sends a password reset email to the given email address.

To complete the password reset, call confirmPasswordReset with the code supplied in the email sent to the user, along with the new password specified by the user.

May throw a FirebaseAuthException with the following error codes:

  • auth/invalid-email
    Thrown if the email address is not valid.
  • auth/missing-android-pkg-name
    An Android package name must be provided if the Android app is required to be installed.
  • auth/missing-continue-uri
    A continue URL must be provided in the request.
  • auth/missing-ios-bundle-id
    An iOS Bundle ID must be provided if an App Store ID is provided.
  • auth/invalid-continue-uri
    The continue URL provided in the request is invalid.
  • auth/unauthorized-continue-uri
    The domain of the continue URL is not whitelisted. Whitelist the domain in the Firebase console.
  • auth/user-not-found
    Thrown if there is no user corresponding to the email address.


Future<void> sendPasswordResetEmail({
  required String email,
  ActionCodeSettings? actionCodeSettings,
}) {
  return _delegate.sendPasswordResetEmail(email, actionCodeSettings);