applyActionCode method Null safety

Future<void> applyActionCode(
  1. String code

Applies a verification code sent to the user by email or other out-of-band mechanism.

A FirebaseAuthException maybe thrown with the following error code:

  • expired-action-code:
  • Thrown if the action code has expired.
  • invalid-action-code:
  • Thrown if the action code is invalid. This can happen if the code is malformed or has already been used.
  • user-disabled:
  • Thrown if the user corresponding to the given action code has been disabled.
  • user-not-found:
  • Thrown if there is no user corresponding to the action code. This may have happened if the user was deleted between when the action code was issued and when this method was called.


Future<void> applyActionCode(String code) async {
  await _delegate.applyActionCode(code);