Firebase Authentication Manager

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Notice: This project is under development. It's unofficial. You can send pull request to contribute.


All features is avaible on Mobile and Web but I can't test on IOS.

  • Sign and login with email.
  • Sign in anonymously (can link with other credential).
  • Sign in with Google, Twitter and phone number.
  • Link multiple accounts.
  • Delete account.
  • Verify account.
  • Listen auth state with provider.


index.html :

     <script src=""></script>
     <script src=""></script>
     <script src=""></script>

      var firebaseConfig = {
      apiKey: "********",
      authDomain: "******",
      projectId: "****",
      storageBucket: "****",
      messagingSenderId: "******",
      appId: "********",
      measurementId: "****"


You need to use ChangeNotifierProvider on top of the widget tree.


   void main() {
     runApp(ChangeNotifierProvider(create: (context) => AuthManager(), child: MyApp()));

class MyHomePage extends StatefulWidget {
   AuthManager manager = AuthManager(); // Singleton class.

       // if you  will use twitter sign in. you must call this function.

Setup for Google Sign In On Web

Configure you project and google cloud api like in this video. Be sure you added local host on cloud.

  <script src="" async defer></script>
  <meta name="google-signin-client_id" content="">

Example Usage

All methods usages showed on example project.

onPressed: () async {
   AuthResponse response = await manager.signInWithMailPass(
       mailFieldController.text, passFieldController.text);  // give mail and password.
 // you can get manager with Provider.of<AuthManager>(context) too.
 if (response.status == Status.Failed) {
     showSnack(response);  // show fail message or do something to handle.


AuthResponse response = await Provider.of<AuthManager>(context).signInWithGoogle();
print(response.message + response.code); // response.status  can be Failed, Successed, Waiting

Phone Sign in :

AuthResponse response = await Provider.of<AuthManager>(context, listen:false).signInWithPhone(phoneNumberString, context);
// this will send a sms. if this succesed, you get response.type == Status.Waiting  not Status.Successed. Operation will finish when you confirm verification sms.

AuthResponse response = await Provider.of<AuthManager>(context, listen:false).verifyPhoneSignForWeb( _smsController.text);
// call this when you get the sms code. I use in  button onclick.