Finicity Plugin

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🧐 About

Throughout my project, I have been working with Finicity, which does not support Flutter. Since I have always dreamed of creating my own custom plugin, I decided to create one. As this is my first plugin, please raise PRs if something can be improved.

🏁 Getting Started

Add this piece of code to your build.gradle file - android/build.gradle
allprojects {
    repositories {
        jcenter() // add this

Add this finicity: ^0.0.4 as part of your pubspec.yaml file

Initialize the plugin using final _finicityPlugin = Finicity();

As a next step call initFinicity which starts the Finicity SDK
var result = await _finicityPlugin.initFinicity(connectUrl);

Do check the Example section to see implementation

Note: To generate connect url follow this -

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