Painting package that let you finger paint with different brushes and different blend modes. The result can be read as a bitmap or list of Points to be used ie on a Map.


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Getting started

The usage is simple: put the Painter() widget into your widget tree then use PainterController() to control its parameters and to get current painting image and/or drawn points.

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  • 3 kinds of pens
  • min and max stroke width for paintbrush strokes
  • get the last drawing image and drawing points
  • set a background widget (like Google Map)
  • set background color
  • uses image blending modes while painting


initialize the painter controller ie in the initState():

void initState() {
  painterController = PainterController()

insert Painter() widget somewhere in your widget tree:

  controller: painterController,
  size: const Size(300, 300),
  child: Image.asset(...),
  onDrawingEnded: (Uint8List bytes) async{
  // the child could be ie a Google Map
  // PS: the [backgroundColor] and child are not rendered in the resulting image 
  child: Image.asset('assets/...'),

Full example

📜 Painter widget properties

Properties Required Default Description
key false Widget key.
controller false Get and set Painter parameters (see PainterController below).
backgroundColor false Colors.transparent Color of the active painting area.
size false Size of painting area. If not set it takes the child area. If also the child is not set, it will take the available size from the parent.
child false Child Widget to put as the background of the painting area
onDrawingEnded false Callbackd that returns the last drawing as Uint8List filled with uncompressed BMP 32 bpp format. Here it's possible to get the drawn point with controller.getPoints()

📜 PainterController

Method return type Description
getState() PenState? Get the penType, strokeColor, strokeMinWidth, strokeMaxWidth, blendMode.
getImageBytes() Uint8List? Get current drawing image as uncompressed 32bit BMP Uint8List.
getPoints() List<Offset>? Get the point list drawn.
clearContent({Color? clearColor}) Clear current drawings with clearColor color. Default is transparent.
setPenType(PenType type) Set pen type: pencil, paintbrush, paintbrush2.
setBlendMode(ui.BlendMode mode) Set the painting blending mode. ui.BlendMode.dstOut can be used as an eraser pen.
setStrokeColor(Color color) Set stroke color.
setMinStrokeWidth(double width) Set the minimum stroke width.
setMaxStrokeWidth(double width) Set the maximum stroke width.
setBlurSigma(double sigma) Set the blur. 0 means no blur.
setBackgroundImage(Uint8List image) Set the background image. The painting will not modify this image.

📜 PenState

Method Default Description
penType PenType.paintbrush enum with pencil, paintbrush, paintbrush2.
pencil: constant stroke width using strokeMinWidth
paintBrush: variable stroke width. Near strokeMinWidth when moving slowly, near strokeMaxWidth when moving fast.
paintBrush2: variable stroke width. Near strokeMaxWidth when moving slowly, near strokeMinWidth when moving fast.
strokeColor pen color
strokeMinWidth 3 Pen width when moving slowing.
strokeMaxWidth 10 Pen width when moving fast.
blurSigma 0 Blur stroke.
blendMode ui.BlendMode.srcOver Painting blending mode. See ui.BlendMode

⚠️ Note on web

The html renderer running on Web is not supported and using it will not save the drawing.

Hence when using this package on web, the canvaskit renderer must be used, ie: flutter run -d chrome --web-renderer canvaskit