Finap Secure Shared Preferences


Read and write data into shared preferences in a Secured manner

Getting started

Run this command to install

flutter pub add finap_secure_shared_preferences


Read Data

Future<String?> read(String key) async {
    return await storage?.read(key: key);

Read All Data

Future<Map<String, String>?> readAll() async {
    return await storage?.readAll();

Delete Data

Future<void> delete(String key) async {
    await storage?.delete(key: key);

Delete All Data

Future<void> deleteAll() async {
    await storage?.deleteAll();

Write Data

Future<void> write(String key, String value) async {
    if (Platform.isIOS) {
      final options = IOSOptions(accessibility: IOSAccessibility.first_unlock);
      await storage?.write(key: key, value: value, iOptions: options);
    await storage?.write(key: key, value: value);