This documentation describes the HTTP API Wrapper Client for, which allows you to quickly and easily build applications using decentralized data storage persisted by Filecoin and available over IPFS.

API endpoint URL

The main public API endpoint URL for is All endpoints described in this document is made relative to this root URL.

Rate limits

This API imposes rate limits to ensure quality of service. You may receive a 429 "Too many requests" error if you make more than 30 requests with the same API token within a ten second window. Upon receiving a response with a 429 status, you should retry the failed request after a small delay. To avoid 429 responses, you may wish to implement client-side request throttling to stay within the limits.


Dart 2.12 or later

Installation & Usage

Add to your project's pubspec file.



Getting Started

Please follow the installation procedure and then run the following:

import 'package:FilecoinStorage/api.dart';

final api_instance = Web3StorageHTTPAPIApi();
final cid = cid_example; // String | 

try {
    final result = api_instance.getCarCid(cid);
} catch (e) {
    print('Exception when calling Web3StorageHTTPAPIApi->getCarCid: $e\n');

Documentation for API Endpoints

All URIs are relative to

Class Method HTTP request Description
Web3StorageHTTPAPIApi getCarCid GET /car/{cid} Retrieve a CAR
Web3StorageHTTPAPIApi getStatusCid GET /status/{cid} Retrieve information about an upload
Web3StorageHTTPAPIApi getUserUpload GET /user/uploads/{cid} Returns a single upload
Web3StorageHTTPAPIApi getUserUploads GET /user/uploads List previous uploads
Web3StorageHTTPAPIApi headCarCid HEAD /car/{cid} Retrieve HTTP headers regarding a CAR
Web3StorageHTTPAPIApi postCar POST /car Upload a CAR
Web3StorageHTTPAPIApi postUpload POST /upload Upload and store one or more files

Documentation For Models

Documentation For Authorization

// Get your token from String aToken = ""; OAuth _oauth = OAuth(accessToken: aToken); ApiClient _apiClient = ApiClient(authentication: _oauth,); final api_instance = Web3StorageHTTPAPIApi(_apiClient);


Ray Okaah.