Select files on Android, iOS, the desktop and the web.

Getting Started

file_picker_cross allows you to select files from your device and is compatible with Android, iOS, Desktops (using both go-flutter or FDE) and the web.

This package was realized using file_picker (Mobile platforms and go-flutter) and 'file_chooser' (Desktops). We only added compatibility to the web.

FilePickerCross FilePickerCross(
    type: FileTypeCross.any,                        // Available: `any`, `audio`, `image`, `video`, `custom`. Note: not available using FDE
    fileExtension: ''                               // Only if FileTypeCross.custom . May be any file extension like `.dot`, `.ppt,.pptx,.odp`

Future<bool> pick()

String toString()

Uint8List toUint8List()

String toBase64()

MultipartFile toMultipartFile({String filename})

int get length

String get path // BETA: not working properly on Web and unoccasionally using go-flutter


    FilePickerCross filePicker = FilePickerCross();
    filePicker.pick().then((value) => setState(() {
          _filePath = filePicker.path;
          _fileLength = filePicker.toUint8List().lengthInBytes;
          try {
            // Only works for text files.
            _fileString = filePicker.toString();
          } catch (e) {
            _fileString =
                'Not a text file. Showing base64.\n\n' + filePicker.toBase64();

What do go-flutter and FDE mean?

Flutter initially only supported Android and iOS. To add support for desktop platforms, some people started the go-flutter providing Flutter applications on Windows, Linux and macOS using the Go language.

Later, Flutter itself announced desktop support (FDE) but still, it's not stable yet.

We try to support both as much as possible.


Of cause, it requires Flutter to be set up for web development.

Set up Flutter for Web

All Desktop platforms

Of cause, it requires Flutter to be set up for your platform.

Set up go-flutter Set up FDE

Mobile platforms

No setup required :tada:.

macOS (using FDE)

You will need to add an entitlement for either read-only access:


or read/write access:


depending on your use case.

Linux (using FDE)

This plugin requires the following libraries:

  • GTK 3
  • pkg-config

Installation example for debian-based systems:

sudo apt-get install libgtk-3-dev pkg-config

Moreover, you will need to update to include the GTK initialization and runloop changes shown in the testbed example.

  1. Delete your existing linux directory (make sure you know any manual modification you did): rm -rf linux
  2. Copy the testbed/{gtk,linux} subdirectory of this projects's example/ into your project.