Extension methods for filesystem and stdin-related manipulations


Asynchronous and synchronous extension methods to:

  • loop through filesystem entities (filtered by multiple Glob patterns in multiple directories) and call user-defined function
  • loop through all memory-based filesystems of all styles and call user-defined function (useful for unit tests)
  • loop through lines from stdin and call user-defined function or read the whole stdin
  • file path API extension:
    • adjust() - convert all path separators to POSIX style
    • toPosix() - convert all path separators to OS-specific style
    • getFullPath() - similar to canonicalize(), but preserves letter case
    • isHidden() - check whether a given filename starts with the dot or path contains a sub-directory starting with the dot (but not limited to the dots)
    • isPath() - check whether a given string contains directory component or not


See under the Example tab. All sample code files are under the sub-directory example.


FileSystem extensions