Fetch all URL data such as title , description , image , video ... etc . and it's written in pure dart so you can use it any where you need ^_^


This package is responsible for getting back all the url metadata as an object of LinkData back contains all data like

  • Title
  • Description
  • Image (Type, Width, Height, Alt)
  • Video (Type, Width, Height, Tags)
  • Site Name
  • URL
  • Type

Getting started

Just install the latest version of the package

flutter pub add fetch_link_data


To Fetch link content you just call the function and add your link and you will get back the LinkData object like following

final LinkData data = await FetchLinkData.fetchLinkData(

also for TikTok Links there is another option to fetch the TikTok post image you can easily using the fetchLinkData method as we did or use the method which getting the image url directly from post url like below

final String? imageURL = await getTikTokImage("Tiktok Post URL");

Yes the package is that easy ^_^

Developed By

Mohamed Abdelbasit A Software Engineer And Moblie Application Developer Using Flutter Framework And also backend Developer Using NodeJS Read More