Getting Started

Follow the setup instructions of sentry_flutter.

Then, you will need to add feedback_sentry to your pubspec.yaml. The latest version is

  feedback_sentry: x.y.z # use the latest version found on

Then, run flutter pub get in your terminal.

Use it

Just wrap your app in a BetterFeedback widget. To show the feedback view just call BetterFeedback.of(context).show(...);. The callback gets called when the user submits his feedback.

import 'package:feedback/feedback.dart';
import 'package:flutter/material.dart';

void main() {
      child: const MyApp(),

Provide a way to show the feedback panel by calling

import 'package:feedback_sentry/feedback_sentry.dart';

    name: 'Foo Bar', // optional
    email: '', // optional

Provide a way to hide the feedback panel by calling BetterFeedback.of(context).hide();

📣 Author

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