Manages feature flags in your application. This is the core library.

Additional packages

There are several additional libraries created to make this one work. I hope this list will be expanded in the future.

  • feature_flutter - integration and management of features in the flutter application.

Feature sources


There are three main entities:

  • FeatureAbstract represents some kind of customization for the application.

  • FeaturesProvider implements a function that retrieves functions from some repository.

  • FeaturesManager manages your providers and handles their requests to pull.



See examples for dart and flutter

Creating a feature

To create a feature, just inherit from the FeatureGeneric<T> class.

class UseNewComponent extends FeatureGeneric<bool> {
  const UseNewComponent(bool value) : super(key: 'some_new_component', value: value);

Creating a feature provider

To add your own feature source, inherit from FeaturesProvider and implement the pullFeatures() method. The rest is up to you.

Important note: if you need to update the features from within FeaturesProvider (for example, if you get updates from the backend), use requestPullFeatures() to reacquire the features.

Creating the manager

First, create a FeaturesManager and populate it with your sources.

Use with Flutter

See the feature_flutter package to integrate features into the Flutter application.