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Floating Dartists

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A Dart script to generate a template for a Flutter project from a boilerplate code repository.

This package will generate a template by using the flutter create command, then copying files from a code repo to replace the generated files.


  • Activate the package globally:
dart pub global activate fd_template_creator
  • Create a file fd_template_creator.yaml in the root of your project:
# Project name
name: my_app
# Project description (optional)
# description: My app description
# Project organization (optional)
# organization: com.example
  # Template name (used to replace package import)
  name: fd_template
  # Git repository to clone
    url: https://github.com/Floating-Dartists/fd_template.git
    # If you want to depend on a specific commit, branch or tag, you
    # can use a ref key.
    # ref: main
  # Local path to the template
  # path: path/to/fd_template
  # List of the files or folders to copy from the template
    - .github/
    - lib/
    - assets/
    - test/
    - analysis_options.yaml
    - dart_test.yaml
    - pubspec.yaml
  • Run the package from the root of your project:
dart pub global run fd_template_creator

Note: If you want to use the package you will need to have Flutter installed on your machine.


  • Custom path argument for the configuration file
  • Better error management