A pure Dart implementation of a FaunaDB client. This library also provides query classes that closely mimic FQL functions.


Basic Example

import 'package:faunadb_http/faunadb_http.dart';
import 'package:faunadb_http/query.dart';

void main() async {
  final config = FaunaConfig.build(
    secret: '<your_secret_here>',
  final client = FaunaClient(config);

  final query = Paginate(Match(Index('all_customers')));
  final result = await client.query(query);


Writing Queries

After importing the query classes from this package (as in the example above), your queries will look almost identical to FQL.

Check out the FQL Cheat Sheet to see all valid FQL functions.

Example Queries

  // segment from example/crud.dart

  // create

  final createCollection = CreateCollection(Obj({'name': 'users'}));

  final createDocument = Create(
      'data': {'name': 'Gavan Singh'}

  final createIndex = CreateIndex(Obj({
    'name': 'user-by-name',
    'source': Collection('users'),
    'terms': [
        'field': ['data', 'name']

  final createFunction = CreateFunction(Obj({
    'name': 'double',
    'body': Query(Lambda('x', Add([Var('x'), Var('x')])))

  // read

  final callDoubleFunction = Call(Function_('double'), arguments: 2);

  final paginateUsers = Paginate(
    Match(Index('user-by-name'), terms: ['Gavan Singh']),

  final readUser = Get(Ref(Collection('users'), '281080202238362125'));

  final paginateCollections = Paginate(Collections());

  // update

  final updateUser = Update(
    Ref(Collection('users'), '281080202238362125'),
      'data': {'isCool': true}

  // delete

  final deleteUser = Delete(Ref(Collection('users'), '281080202238362125'));

Query Differences

There are some cases where your queries will have to be written slightly differently from pure FQL. Here are examples of each type of difference.

  • Optional FQL arguments are named arguments in Dart.

    • Repeat('x', number: 10)
    • Paginate(Collections(), size: 2)
  • FQL functions with a variable number of arguments (such as Sum, GT etc.) accept a Dart List instead.

    • Add([1, Var('x')])
  • Some FQL functions and arguments are reserved keywords in Dart; simply add a trailing underscore to them.

    • Map becomes Map_
    • Function becomes Function_
    • default becomes default_