FatAds is a Flutter package designed to make integrating Ads into your app easier. Currently, the package supports only AppOpen Ads.

Key features

  • Include a command line tool that allows you to update AndroidManifest.xml and Info.plist files.
  • For safety, it always uses the testing unit IDs in debug mode.
  • For easy cross-platform, we use silent failure instead of throwing exceptions on unsupported platforms.
  • For better readability, all parameters have default values.
  • Support Android/iOS


To add or update your AdMob App ID into AndroidManifest.xml and Info.plist files. Run the following command:

flutter pub run fat_ads

To display AppOpen Ads

void main() async {
    // This is an async function that returns when an Ads either is loaded or is
    // unable to load within the specified timeout.
    // To prevent Ads from suddenly appearing on your UI, make sure to call this
    // function before `runApp()` and don't forget to use the `await` keyword.
    await appOpenAds(
        // iosUnitId: "<ios ad unit id>",
        // androidUnitId: "<android ad unit id>",
        // loadingTimeout: Duration(seconds: 3),