fast_ui is a collection of Flutter packages aimed to make UI development faster

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Package Description
fast_rx Reactive state management
fast_rx_persistence Interface for creating key/value store persistence for Rx values
fast_nav Contextless navigation
fast_overlays Contextless overlays (snackbars, dialogs, etc.)
fast_extensions Convenience extensions

Add-on Packages

These package come with additional dependencies

Package Description
fast_rx_shared_preferences Implementation of fast_rx_persistence for use with Shared Preferences


What fast_ui is:

  • Modular
  • Easy to understand
  • Well documented
  • Thoroughly tested

What fast_ui is not:

  • Magic
  • An excuse to write bad code
  • A custom implementation of existing Flutter functionality

Hosted example project

Getting started

There are two options to use fast_ui:

  • Add fast_ui to your pubspec.yaml to include all the default packages
  • Add only the desired packages to your pubspec.yaml


See the individual package readmes for usage instructions

Additional information

Pull requests welcome