fast_contacts fast_contacts fast_contacts fast_contacts

A much faster alternative to contacts_service and flutter_contact for reading the device's contact book.

This plugin was tuned to achieve optimal performance for fetching the whole list of contacts. Loading 1000 contacts with this plugin should take ~200ms or less depending on the device.


To use this plugin, add fast_contacts as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file.



Add the following permission to your AndroidManifest.xml:

<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.READ_CONTACTS" />  


Set the NSContactsUsageDescription in your Info.plist file

<string>Description of why you need the contacts permission.</string>  

Note fast_contacts doesn't handle permissions. Use special plugins (like permission_handler) to ask for the permission before accessing contacts.

Available contact info

  • ID
  • Display name
  • Structured name (prefix, given name, middle name, family name, suffix)
  • Emails
  • Phones
  • Organization (company, department, job description)


// Import package  
import 'package:fast_contacts/fast_contacts.dart';  

// Get all contacts
final contacts = await FastContacts.getAllContacts();

// Get single contact by ID
final contact = await FastContacts.getContact(contactId);

// Get contact's image (thumbnail)
final thumbnail = await FastContacts.getContactImage(;

// Get contact's image (full size)
final thumbnail = await FastContacts.getContactImage(, size: ContactImageSize.fullSize);

For a more complete usage example, see example project.


Loading 1000+ contacts (display name, structured name, phones, emails) at once takes ~200ms on both Android (Samsung Galaxy S8) and iOS (iPhone 8).

Android: Samsung Galaxy S8

iOS: iPhone 8