Fancy Element

Implement fancy elements to Your Flutter App.

Current Widgets

  • Containers
    • Card Container
    • Gredient Container
    • Neumorphism Container

More Fancy Widget Will be added soon.

Fancy Card -: Create fancy Card

                width: Fancy.width(context),
                height: Fancy.height(context) * 0.40,
                redius: 10,
                child: Center(
                  child: Container(
                    child: const Text(
                      "This Is Fancy Card",
                      style: TextStyle(fontSize: 20),

Fancy Card

Fancy Container -: Create Gredient Container with Title and subtitle

                    color1: const Color(0xff0061ff),
                    color2: const Color(0xff60efff),
                    onTap: () {}),

Fancy Container

Neumorphism Container -: This Widget is usefull for create Neumorphism Container.

const NeumorphismContainer(),

Wanna Navigate To new Page? Use Below Snipet for Navigating., const NewPage());
Go.toNamed(context, "/page", argument: {"name": id});, const NewPage());
Go.offAll(context, const NewPage());