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generate massive amounts of fake data in Dart & Flutter

Faker.dart is a dart port of the famous faker.js package for the web and NodeJS

:hammer: Usage

faker.dart is split up into modules, where every module has a bunch of faker methods.


    final faker = Faker.instance;

    String randomName =; // Rowan Nikolaus
    String randomHex = faker.datatype.hexaDecimal(); // 0xF74451AB


faker.dart contains a super useful generator method Faker.fake for combining faker API methods using a mustache string format.


print(faker.fake("{{name.lastName}}, {{name.firstName}} {{name.suffix}}"));
// outputs: "Marks, Dean Sr."

This will interpolate the format string with the value of methods name.lastName(), name.firstName(), and name.suffix()

supported faker methods

datatypenumber, float, datetime, string, uuid, boolean, hexaDecimal, json, list
namefullName, firstName, lastName, middleName, findName, jobTitle, gender, prefix, suffix, title, jobDescriptor, jobArea, jobType
imageimage, loremPicsum, lorempixel
addresszipCode, city, cityPrefix, citySuffix, cityName, streetName, streetSuffix, streetPrefix, streetAddress, secondaryAddress, county, country, countryCode, state, stateAbbr, latitude, longitude, direction, cardinalDirection, ordinalDirection, nearbyGPSCoordinate, timezone
animaltype, animal, dog, cat, snake, bear, lion, catecean, horse, bird, cow, fish, corocodilia, insect, rabbit
commercecolor, department, productName, price, productAdjective, productMaterial, product, productDescription
companycompanyName, companySuffix, catchPhrase, bs, catchPhraseAdjective, catchPhraseDescriptor, catchPhraseNoun, bsAdjective, bsBuzz, bsNoun
databasecolumn, type, collation, engine
hackerabbreviation, adjective, noun, verb, ingverb, phrase
gitbranch, commitEntry, commitMessage, commitSha, shortSha
datepast, future, between, month, weekday
phoneNumberphoneNumber, phoneFormat
loremword, sentence, paragraph, text
interneturl, domainName, domainSuffix, httpMethod, ip

:speech_balloon: Localization

faker.dart currently supports 54 Locales!!!

The default language locale is set to English. if your chosen locale doesn't support specific faker data, it will fall back to the English locale.

// sets locale to german
// set the locale to your custom Locale:
final FakerLocale locale = FakerLocale(...);

currently internally supported locales:

  • az
  • ar
  • cz
  • de
  • de_AT
  • de_CH
  • en
  • en_AU
  • en_AU_ocker
  • en_BORK
  • en_CA
  • en_GB
  • en_IE
  • en_IND
  • en_US
  • en_ZA
  • es
  • es_MX
  • fa
  • fi
  • fr
  • fr_CA
  • fr_CH
  • ge
  • hy
  • hr
  • id_ID
  • it
  • ja
  • ko
  • nb_NO
  • ne
  • nl
  • nl_BE
  • pl
  • pt_BR
  • pt_PT
  • ro
  • ru
  • sk
  • sv
  • tr
  • uk
  • vi
  • zh_CN
  • zh_TW

:grey_question: what's up next

this package is still in active development. modules are still being added:

  • finance
  • system
  • vehicle
  • word

:wave: Get Involved

If this package is useful to you please :thumbsup: on and :star: on Github. If you have any Issues, recommendations or pull requests I'd love to see them!