namedQueryWithConverterGet<T> method

Future<QuerySnapshot<T>> namedQueryWithConverterGet<T>(
  1. String name,
  2. {GetOptions options = const GetOptions(),
  3. required FromFirestore<T> fromFirestore,
  4. required ToFirestore<T> toFirestore}

Performs a namedQueryGet and decode the result using Query.withConverter.


Future<QuerySnapshot<T>> namedQueryWithConverterGet<T>(
  String name, {
  GetOptions options = const GetOptions(),
  required FromFirestore<T> fromFirestore,
  required ToFirestore<T> toFirestore,
}) async {
  final snapshot = await namedQueryGet(name, options: options);

  return _WithConverterQuerySnapshot<T>(snapshot, fromFirestore, toFirestore);