dump method

String dump()


String dump() {
  final copy = deepCopy(_root);

  // `copy` only contains the categories and sub-categories at this point,
  // no document data. This loop adds each document to the tree.
  for (var doc in _docsData.entries) {
    final docId = doc.key;
    final docProperties = doc.value;
    final docCopy = getSubpath(copy, docId);
    for (var property in docProperties.entries) {
      // In case there is a conflict between a sub-category name and document
      // property, the sub-category takes precedence, meaning the returned
      // json will not return that document property.
      if (!docCopy.containsKey(property.key)) {
        docCopy[property.key] = property.value;

  final encoder = JsonEncoder.withIndent('  ', myEncode);
  final jsonText = encoder.convert(copy);
  return jsonText;