A Flutter package that offers a smooth fading animation while loading on the screen to any widget of your choice!


This package comes with easy to use parameters which makes it really easy to implement and makes your application look more great!

Parameters for FadingWidgetAnimator Widget

All you can set parameters What they mean Default
child Widget that you want to add animation to It's a required parameter, hence no default value
duration Duration between the widget being fully invisible to fully opaque 2 seconds
startAfter You control after how much time the animation should start 0 second
curve Curve of the animation w.r.t time Linear curve

Getting started

Just include this in your pubspec.yaml

  fading_widget_animation: <VERSION>

or run this in your terminal

  flutter pub add fading_widget_animation


To simply get your widget animating, try:

  • Import the package in the screen file where you will display the widget
import 'package:fading_widget_animation/fading_widget_animation.dart';
  • And, call this widget to show fading animation
  //duration is optional, defaults to 2 seconds
  duration: const Duration(seconds: 4),
  //child is marked as required, that means the widget will fail if you don't pass the child
  child: const Text(
    style: TextStyle(
      fontSize: 32,
      fontWeight: FontWeight.bold,
  // rest of the arguments are also optional
  // curve: Curves.linear,
  // startAfter lets you control the time after which you want to start the animation
  // you can see a better example of this parameter in the below widget
  // startAfter: const Duration(seconds: 0),

Additional information

Hop on to :- samitkapoor/fading_widget_animation to find more information, contribute, file issues regarding the package!