Animated Flutter image button widget.


It fades between pressed and default state. On onTapUp event after half the animation duration, the onPress function is triggered. Both images are cached to avoid longer initial loading time.

Getting Started

Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    return FadingImageButton(
        onPressed: () => print(pressed),
        image: Image.asset("assets/button.png"),
        onPressedImage: Image.asset("assets/button-pressed.png"),


property description default
onPressed Function that is called on onTapUp event.
image Image of the button.
onPressedImage Overlay image. It is triggered on onTapDown event.
width Button width. 128
height Button height. 128
padding Padding of the container widget. Therefore actually margin of the images. all: 5
duration Duration of the fading animation. 250ms

Fat properties are required.