Package providing FadingEdgeScrollView which allows you to build scrollable views with fading edges


Create FadingEdgeScrollView by calling one of constructors depending on your scroll view class. Unfortunately scrollable view don't share same interface so there are separate constructors for:

  • ScrollView (most scrollable views inherit from this class) FadingEdgeScrollView.fromScrollView
  • SingleChildScrollView FadingEdgeScrollView.fromSingleChildScrollView
  • PageViewFadingEdgeScrollView.fromPageView

View passed as child MUST have controller set. If you want this controller to be disposed when FadingEdgeScrollView is disposed you can pass shouldDisposeScrollController flag set as true to widget constructor.

See documentation and example folder for more information

Flutter web support

Unfortunately this lib does not work in flutter web. It does not have any platform related code, however it uses ShaderMask widget which is not support for Flutter web yet. You can get more info about the problem on this page


Click to see on Youtube:
ListView with images demo ListView demo PageView demo SingleChildScrollView demo