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The Missing Fadable AppBar for Flutter.

This Package is simple implementation of a fadable app bar for flutter. A wrapper on flutter's AppBar() to create a fade effect on the app bar when scrolling. This is a very common effect in many apps and is missing from flutter's default widgets.


demo with material 3      demo with material 2

demo with material 3 and with material 2 respectively


  • Fadable AppBar
  • Customizable
  • Easy to use

Getting started

  fadable_app_bar: <latest_version>
import 'package:fadable_app_bar/fadable_app_bar.dart';


          appBar: FadableAppBar(
              scrollController: _controller,
              title: const Text('Fadable App Bar Demo')),

Additional Parameters

  • scrollController is the controller of the scrollable widget that the app bar is in.
  • foregroundColorOnFade is the color of the title and icons when the app bar is faded.
  • fadeFactor is the factor by which the app bar fades. The higher the value, the slower the app bar fades.

Additional information

Please file feature requests and bugs at the issue tracker.