FA Icons

FA Icons is a plugin to help you easily add Font Awesome icons to your project;


Using the plugin is very simple, see how to do it below;

    final icon = FAIcons.getIcon(uniCode, fontFamily);

In uniCode you need to enter the icon code, for example f2b9, add the value 0x at the beginning, then the uniCode will be 0xf2b9.

The plugin support three families, Regular (far), Brand (fab) and Solid (fas);

to more uniCodes and details visit https://fontawesome.com/


    class ExampleView extends StatefulWidget {
      const ExampleView({Key? key}) : super(key: key);
      _ExampleViewState createState() => _ExampleViewState();
    class _ExampleViewState extends State<ExampleView> {
      Widget build(BuildContext context) {
        return Container(
          child: Icon(FAIcons.getIcon(0xf2b9, "far")),