About plugin

The package helps the developer to draw different charts on the page screen. If the developer wants to show any data on the screen as a chart, he can use this package.

Examples of charts

COLUMN or LINE charts builder.


  • StrokeCap? strokeCap - corner radius of the chart.
  • double? strokeWidth - Width of the chart.
  • Color? color - Color of the chart.
  • String? label - You can add a label to the chart.

Getting started

pub dependency

Dependencies: ezio_flutter_charts_package: ^0.0.3


Importing: import 'package:ezio_flutter_charts_package/ezio_flutter_charts_package.dart';


Example: https://github.com/donrast41/ezio_flutter_charts_package/tree/develop/example

IMPORTANT: Use the SizedBox with height as a parent, if you want to use Chart inside a Column, SingleChildScrollView and etc.

    height: 600,
    child: ColumnChart(
    color: Colors.purple,
    strokeWidth: 4,
    strokeCap: StrokeCap.butt,
    label: 'Column chart',
    chartPoints: widget.chartPoints,
    axisPoints: widget.axesPoints,
    context: context,

Additional information

If you want to see source code, go to package git -> https://github.com/donrast41/ezio_flutter_charts_package