Helper widgets to work with ezbloc library

Bloc Builder

Keeps your UI in sync with the State of your app. It's StatelessWidget widget which only rebuilds the relative child, instead of rebuilding entire page.

BlocBuilder<BlocType, BlocStateType>(
  bloc: bloc
  onUpdate: (context, data) => Text(data.toString()),
  onBusy: (_) => Text('Working'),
  onError: (_, e) => Text('Error Occurred'),

Or a simpler version (extension method sugar):

  onUpdate: (context, data) => Text(data.toString()),
  onError: (_, e) => Text('Error Occurred: $e'),

for details see example

Bloc Container

A container where you can store all your blocs on app startup, and then access them anywhere in your app independently of the widget tree.

void main() {
  BlocContainer.add((context, args) => CounterBloc(args));
  final counterBloc = BlocContainer.get(arg: 0);

see example

Bloc List Builder

A builder which builds a ListView widget backed by a data source e.g. an infinite scrollable list backed by a rest api example coming soon

Contribution ❤

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Please file feature requests and bugs at the issue tracker.