Flutter Toast

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A simple yet powerful Flutter plugin for showing Toast at Android and iOS.


  • Native Toast
  • Pure Flutter Toaster


Add to pubspec.yaml:

  eyro_toast: any

Import Library

import 'package:eyro_toast/eyro_toast.dart';

Native Toast

// showing short Toast
await EyroToast.showToast(
  text: 'This is short toast',
  duration: ToastDuration.short,

// showing long Toast
await EyroToast.showToast(
  text: 'This is long toast',
  duration: ToastDuration.long,

Pure Flutter Toaster

await showToaster(
  text: 'This is a centered Toaster',
  duration: ToastDuration.short,
  gravity: ToastGravity.bottom,
  borderRadius: const BorderRadius.all(Radius.circular(16)),
  backgroundColor: const Color(0xAA000000),
  fontColor: const Color(0xFFFFFFFF),
  textAlign: TextAlign.center,
  margin: const EdgeInsets.symmetric(horizontal: 16),
  padding: const EdgeInsets.symmetric(
    horizontal: 16,
    vertical: 12,
  border: null,


Eyro Toast plugin is developed by Eyro Labs. You can contact us at admin@cubeacon.com.


Flutter package for Toast for Android, iOS and Web platform.