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Manually add the extra hitTest area of a widget without changing its size or layout.

Parent widgets

The widgets are the same as offical widgets. They are make sure your widget can get hitTest from parent, use them if extra hitTest area are beyond the size of parent.

  • StackHitTestWithoutSizeLimit
  • RowHitTestWithoutSizeLimit, ColumnHitTestWithoutSizeLimit, FlexHitTestWithoutSizeLimit
  • SizedBoxHitTestWithoutSizeLimit

Listener widgets

  • GestureDetectorHitTestWithoutSizeLimit
  • RawGestureDetectorHitTestWithoutSizeLimit
  • ListenerHitTestWithoutSizeLimit
parameter description default
extraHitTestArea The extra area of hitTest EdgeInsets.zero
debugHitTestAreaColor The color of the extra area null

you can also set ExtraHitTestBase.debugGlobalHitTestAreaColor instead set debugHitTestAreaColor in everytime.

return GestureDetectorHitTestWithoutSizeLimit(
  child: mockButtonUI(text),
  //debugHitTestAreaColor: Colors.pink.withOpacity(0.4),
  extraHitTestArea: const EdgeInsets.all(16),
  onTap: () {
        duration: const Duration(milliseconds: 500));

Implements other HitTestWithoutSizeLimit

if some widgets are not included in this package, you can implements them with following classes.

  • RenderBoxHitTestWithoutSizeLimit, RenderBoxChildrenHitTestWithoutSizeLimit