⚠️ This package is experimental.

This package allows you to capture render tree data of a Flutter app, for visualization with Explo.


Add explo_capture as a dependency:

flutter pub add explo_capture


Wrap the widget tree, whose render tree you want to capture for visualization, in CaptureRenderTree:

import 'package:explo_capture/explo_capture.dart';

Widget build(context) {
  return CaptureRenderTree(
      child: MyInterestingAppComponent(),

You can insert multiple CaptureRenderTree widgets into your app. Only the render tree of the CaptureRenderTree, which has been inserted most recently into the widget tree, will be captured.

You can leave CaptureRenderTree permanently in your app, since it is a no-op in release mode and only captures the render tree when requested by a viewer.

To explore the captured render tree, go to Explo and follow the instructions.


Internal API which should only be used internally, by package:explo.