This package fascilitates easy creation of expandable overlays that expand out of any widget wrapped by ExpandableOverlayLauncher.

Animated gif of how the package works

Getting Started

Install package via command line (or just add it in pubspec.yaml):

flutter pub add expandable_overlay


1. Import the package:

import 'package:expandable_overlay/expandable_overlay.dart';

2. Wrap an element with the ExpandableOverlayLauncher widget.

  overlayParams: ExpandableOverlayParams(
    contentBuilder: (
      dismissOverlay, // function that can be used to dismiss the modal through code
    ) => Text("I'm inside the modal"), // widget containing the contents of the modal
  // widget that will be tapped to open the modal
  // will appear at the top of the modal when it expands
  child: Text('click me'),