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Dart implementation of EspTouch provisioner. Supports Android, iOS, Windows, Linux and macOS.

Implemented protocols

  • EspTouch
  • EspTouch V2

Supported platforms

All non-web platforms are supported. Web platform is not supported mainly because browsers does not allow UDP communication.

If you are going to use this library on Desktop platforms make sure that UDP port 18266 is open in firewall for incoming data.

Demo video

Demo YouTube video


Several examples of using this library are available in example folder.

import 'package:esp_smartconfig/esp_smartconfig.dart';

final provisioner = Provisioner.espTouch();

provisioner.listen((response) {
    print("Device ${response.bssidText} connected to WiFi!");

try {
    await provisioner.start(ProvisioningRequest.fromStrings(
        ssid: "NETWORK NAME",
        bssid: "ROUTER BSSID",
        password: "NETWORK PASSWORD",

    // If you are going to use this library in Flutter
    // this is good place to show some Dialog and wait for exit
    // Or simply you can delay with Future.delayed function
    await Future.delayed(Duration(seconds: 10));
} catch (e, s) {

// Provisioning does not have any timeout so it needs to be
// stopped manually


The SmartConfigTM is a provisioning technology to connect a new Wi-Fi device to a Wi-Fi network.

The advantage of this technology is that the device does not need to directly know SSID or password of an Access Point (AP). Those information is provided using this library. This is particularly important to headless device and systems, due to their lack of a user interface.


GitHub: abobija




Implementation of Espressif's SmartConfig protocols