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esewa_pnp is a flutter plugin that let's developer to integrate native eSewa payment method into their flutter application with just few lines of code.

How to install

  • Download eSewaSdk.arr file and save it.

  • Go to this YouTube link and watch full integration walk through video

  • Add following attribute inside your AndroidMainfest.xml



  1. Create a ESewaConfiguration object. Start with test environment. When application is ready, you can switch it to live (ENVIRONMENT_LIVE)

ESewaConfiguration _configuration = ESewaConfiguration(
    clientID: "<Client-ID>",
    secretKey: "<Secret-Key>",
    environment: ESewaConfiguration.ENVIRONMENT_TEST //ENVIRONMENT_LIVE

clientID and secretKey values are provided by eSewa to its merchant/client and is unique for each. For development phase, you can use the following credentials:



  1. Create ESewaPnp object and pass configuration.
ESewaPnp _eSewaPnp = ESewaPnp(configuration: _configuration);
  1. Finally create the payment object
ESewaPayment _payment = ESewaPayment(
    amount: <ANY_INTEGER_VALUE>,
    productName: "<Product-Name>",
    productID: "<Unique-Product-ID>",
    callBackURL: "<Call-Back-URL>"
  1. Now call initPayment method.
final _res = await _eSewaPnp.initPayment(payment: _payment);

initPayment will return an Either type (ref. dart functional programming with dartz) . Response can be either Failure type or Result type.

Failure type indicates the payment process fail.

Result type indicates the successful payment.

  1. Determine application behavior according to the response
    (l) {
        // TODO:: Stuffs after failure.
    (r) {
        // TODO:: Stuffs after successful payment.

❌ Failure

Failure class is returned when payment process fails.

  • .message String : returns the error message

✅ Result

Result class is returned when payment process successful.

  • .message String : returns readable success message
  • .productId String : returns product id of the product customer paid for
  • .productName String : returns product name of the product customer paid for
  • .totalAmount String : returns total amount customer paid
  • .date String : returns the date of transaction
  • .status String : returns the transaction status
  • .referenceId String : returns the transaction reference id

👨‍🦱 Author

Ashim Upadhaya

Checkout example implementation : EsewaPnp Example

This plugin can only be used on android platform because I don't have mac.