🕵️‍♂️ EscapeGameKit

EscapeGameKit is a package, entirely built using Flutter, that helps creating escape games.

It is better suited for web and desktop platforms (Windows, Linux, macOS) but can totally be used on mobile platforms as well !


You'll find an example in the example directory. It's a little escape game called ERROR 1980 that I've created for my students. I've translated it into English, so that you can try it here.

More screenshots

Here's what I've created using this package :

Please note that these escape games are in french.

Getting started

Everything you need to get started with this library is available in the wiki.


The plugin is currently in beta. Here's the list of things we (me, and hopefully any contributor 😀) need to work on before release :

  • Better support of hot reload. Currently, escape games don't support hot reload.
  • Better support of Android and iOS platforms. The plugin is still untested on these platforms, but it should perfectly work. The only problem we may encounter is with tooltips.


You have a lot of options to contribute to this project ! You can :

Also if you've created something using this library, feel free to tell me about it ! I may create a showcase to expose all creations if this library eventually become popular.


Create escape games with ease !