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A versatile Flutter TextFormField widget for handling email and phone number input with ease.

This custom TextField package simplifies the process of capturing email and phone number input in your Flutter applications. It offers real-time validation and user-friendly error handling (in dev), making it a valuable addition to any form or input-focused application. Whether you're building a sign-up form, a contact input screen, or anything in between, this package can save you time and effort by handling the intricacies of email and phone number input for you.


  • Versatile: Handles email and phone number input
  • Masking: Automatically formats phone numbers as they are entered
  • Customizable: Customize the appearance of the widget to fit your application
  • Easy to use: Simply add the widget to your UI and let it handle the rest
  • Error handling: Provides real-time validation and user-friendly error handling (in dev)
  • Tested: Unit tests ensure that the widget works as expected

Getting started

In the pubspec.yaml of your flutter project, add the following dependency:

  ephone_field: ^0.0.2

Import it:

import 'package:ephone_field/ephone_field.dart';


Implement the EmailPhoneField widget in your UI:


EphoneField Country Picker Widgets

Dialog Bottom Sheet Page

Additional information

Property Description Type Default
key The key for the input field. Key null
initialType The initial type of the input field. EphoneFieldType EphoneFieldType.initial
countries The list of countries to display. List<Country> Country.all
controller The controller for the input field. TextEditingController TextEditingController()
focusNode The focus node for the input field. FocusNode FocusNode()
decoration The decoration for the input field. InputDecoration InputDecoration()
keyboardType The keyboard type for the input field. TextInputType EphoneFieldType.keyboardType
searchInputDecoration The decoration for the search input field. InputDecoration InputDecoration()
isSearchable Whether the search input is enabled. bool true
title The title for the country picker. String null
titlePadding The padding for the title of country picker. EdgeInsetsGeometry EdgeInsets.all(8.0)
pickerHeight The height of the country picker. CountryPickerHeigth CountryPickerHeigth.h50
menuType The type of the picker menu. PickerMenuType PickerMenuType.bottomSheet
initialCountry The initial country of country picker. Country Country.unitedStates
initialValue The initial value of the input field. String null
emptyLabelText The label text when the input is empty. String Email or phone number
emailLabelText The label text when the field type is email. String Email
phoneLabelText The label text when the field type is phone. String Phone
countryPickerButtonIcon The icon for the country picker button. Icon Icon(Icons.arrow_drop_down)
phoneNumberMaskSplitter The splitter for the phone number mask. String null
countryPickerButtonWidth The width of the country picker button. double 100.0
autovalidateMode The autovalidate mode of the input field. AutovalidateMode AutovalidateMode.onUserInteraction
onChanged The callback when the input value changes. ValueChanged<String> null
onSaved The callback when the input is saved. ValueChanged<String> null
emailValidator The validator for the email input field. FormValidator null
phoneValidator The validator for the phone input field. FormValidator null
onFieldSubmitted The callback when the input is submitted. ValueChanged<String> null
onCountryChanged The callback when the country is changed. ValueChanged<Country> null
inputFormatters The input formatters for the input field. List<TextInputFormatter> EphoneFieldType.inputFormatters()