Access Environment Variables merging dart command line over platform environment variables.

Gives access to environment variables with two static methods for EnvVariables class.

  • One method always returns a String with a default value of '' (empty string)
  • The other method return null if no value is defined in command line and the platform environment.

Read environment variables looking up in the following order:

  • in dart command line --define (or flutter --dart-define)
  • in Platform.environment
  • in the given (optional) defaultValue


final String value = EnvVariables.fromEnvironment('varName'); // Defaults to ''
final String other = EnvVariables.fromEnvironment('otherName', defaultValue: 'myValue');
final String? valueOrNull = EnvVariables.fromEnvironmentOrNull('varName'); // Defaults to null;

Additional information

This package access command line and platform environment variables.
You need to set Environment variable to run tests.

In windows do:

$ $Env:var2 = 'Platform Var2'
$ $Env:var3 = 'Platform Var3'
$ dart --define=var1='dartDefined Var1' --define=var2='dartDefined Var2' test

In linux do:

$ var2='Platform Var2' var3='Platform Var3' dart --define=var1='dartDefined Var1' --define=var2='dartDefined Var2' test