Endeavor Web Framework


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Endeavor is a web framework written in Dart programming language and is inspired by frameworks like Ruby on Rails, and Express Js.

The goal of Endeavor framework is to provide developers effectively build backends in Dart. Currently, Dart is mainly used for developing client-side apps using Flutter. Our idea is to use Dart language for developing server-side applications also.

Quick Start


In order to use Endeavor you must have the Dart SDK installed on your machine.

This repository contains only core of Endeavor framework. There is no installation from this repo. So in order to use this framework , kindly use below instructions.

Endeavor requires Dart ">=2.17.0 <3.0.0"

Installing Endeavor CLI Tool

#  Install the Endeavor cli from pub.dev

dart pub global activate ectl

Creating a New Project

Use the ectl create <project name> command to create a new project.

#  Create a new project called "MyDreamProject"
ectl create MyDreamProject

The directory structure is as follows:

└── templates
    └── Home_view.dart
└── Controllers
    └── Home.dart
├── pubspec.yaml
├── main.dart
└── isolator.dart

Start the Development Server

Next, open the newly directory of created project and start the dev server by:

#  Start the development server
ectl dev

By default port 80 is used. A custom port can be used inside the app's port option.


For detailed documentation, use our documentation website


Endeavor Framework is released by following the standard Semantic Versioning.

Security Vulnerabilities or Bugs

If you discover a security vulnerability or bugs within Endeavor Framework, please send an e-mail to Gokul krishnan via gokulkrishnan5058@gmail.com. All security vulnerabilities and bugs will be promptly addressed.


Endeavor Framework is released under the BSD 3-Clause License.