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End to End encryption (RSA e2ee) for multiple languages (cross-platform) and Value password protection (DES encryption) specially for local file encryption!

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Usage (Flutter/Dart)



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RSA Init

Encrypto encrypto = Encrypto(Encrypto.RSA); // or Encrypto(Encrypto.RSA, bitLength: 1024) or Encrypto(Encrypto.RSA, pw: 'foofoo78')
//this generates public and private keys for e2ee or initiates DES encryption

RSA Encrypt

String val = "alo";
String base64encrypted = encrypto.encrypt(val, publicKey);
//passing public key as 2nd parameter is MANDATORY for RSA encryption

RSA Decrypt

String decrypted = encrypto.decrypt(base64encrypted);
//prints original message i.e. "alo"

Other methods for RSA

Sr. number Methods Info
1 Encrypto.dart / getPublicKey() is a method that returns generated ZotPublicKey
2 Encrypto.dart / desterilizePublicKey() is a static method which converts ZotPublicKey string to ZotPublicKey
3 Encrypto.dart / sterilizePublicKey() returns a ZotPublicKey string which can be sent to the other person.
4 Encrypto.dart / getPrivateKeyString() and getPublicKeyString() returns plain text of private/public key exponent and modulus
5 Encrypto.dart / encrypt(String value, ZotPublicKey publicKey) used to encrypt String with RSA
6 Encrypto.dart / public String decrypt(String value) used to decrypt string using the password or ZotPrivateKey (no need to pass ZotPrivateKey or Password as parameter for decryption)
7 ZotPublicKey.dart / public String sterilizePublicKey() and public String encrypt(byte[] val) same as no. 3 and no. 5 of the table
8 ZotPrivateKey.dart / public String decrypt(byte[] decode) same as no. 7 of the table


NOTE: DES might throw error for version 1.*

DES Init

Encrypto encrypto = new Encrypto(Encrypto.DES, "the moon is scary sometimes");
//MANDATORY to pass password as 2nd parameter for DES
//It's suggested to pass the hash of the password instead of plain text

DES Encrypt

String base64DESencrypted = encrypto.encrypt("alo");
//do not pass anything as 2nd parameter or pass null

DES Decrypt

String decrypted = encrypto.decrypt(base64DESencrypted);
//you get back the text 


Supported Languages Status
Rust Pending
JavaScript Pending



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