A plugin for using native AES /Argon2 algorithms in Android/IOS. Since it's not possible to run automatic test for flutter plugins currently as far as I know, a few test cases are provided along with the example:

Test report

Tested platforms:

  • IOS simulator(IPhone 5SE)
  • Android (NX563J, Android 10)

Getting Started

Supported algorithms:

  • AES(128bit or 256bit) in ECB or CBC mode, with NoPadding or PKCS5Padding. Please be aware that if you choose NoPadding then you need to make sure the size of the block you're going to encrypt must be multiple of 16(which is the AES block size).
  • argon2i, argon2d, argon2id

AES example usage

Uint8List key256 = hex
Uint8List iv = hex.decode("c1f6fd873e14050697c168b3e9da5db2");
Uint8List plain = hex.decode("01040000000300000002400000008b2e");

AES aes = AES.ofCBC(key256, iv, PaddingScheme.PKCS5Padding);
Uint8List encrypted = await aes.encrypt(plain);
Uint8List decrypted = await aes.decrypt(encrypted);

Argon2 example usage

Uint8List password = utf8.encode("password");
Uint8List salt = utf8.encode("helloworld");

Argon2 argon2 = Argon2(iterations: 16, hashLength: 64, memory: 256, parallelism: 2);
Uint8List hash = await argon2.argon2i(password, salt);

for more details, try to have a look at example/lib/test_case.dart