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Tiny tool to scrape emoji from https://unicode.org.


A Demo


dart pub global activate emojiscraper

Available options

  emojiscraper --format=raw --writeTo=path
  emojiscraper -fraw -wpath

-h, --help                 Print this help message.
-i, --interactive          Interactively choose version from the list of available versions.
                           Note: if `--edition` is passed, this flag will be ignored.
-v, --version              Print version information.
-l, --list                 List available emoji versions.
-e, --edition=<EDITION>    Choose version of emoji, i.e 14.0, 13.1 etc.
                           Note: if version is not valid, it will exit with code `response.statusCode`.
-f, --format=<FORMAT>      Choose the format to dump to stdout or save to path.

          [json]           Data is parsed as JSON.
          [raw]            Data is not processed and left as it was downloaded.

-w, --writeTo=<WRITETO>    Write to path or stdout.

          [path]           Write to path.
          [stdout]         Write to stdout.


  • Allow users to select multiple versions


This project uses build_runner to get information at compile time so make sure to use Makefile to build, run or compile.