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Package for lumberdash that colors your logs and adds emoji's for more visual clarity.

It you love the logger package output format , but the extensibility of lumberdash is a wanted feature ; this is where this package gets you. By extending a regular LumberdashClient and formatting it's output more coherently, it gets you from the colorize_lumberdash not so awesome output:

to this one :


The logger can be customized as follows:

  putLumberdashToWork(withClients: [
      methodCount: 0,         // Number of stacktrace lines to show in the logs for non-error entries.
      lineLength: 50,        // The length of the horizontal separator lines.
      printTime: false,      // Whether to show the current system time at which the log was submitted.
      errorMethodCount: 5,   // Number of stacktrace lines to show in the log for error entries.
      printEmoji:true,       // Whether to show an emoji at the start of the log.
      printBox:true,         // Whether to wrap the log body into boxes.        
      printColors:true       // Whether to color the output.

To achieve results as :

Get started

Add dependency

  emoji_lumberdash: latest

How to use

Pass an instance of EmojiLumberdash to lumberdash:

import 'package:emoji_lumberdash/emoji_lumberdash.dart';
import 'package:lumberdash/lumberdash.dart';

void main() {
  putLumberdashToWork(withClients: [EmojiLumberdash()]);
  logWarning('Hello Warning');
  logFatal('Hello Fatal!');
  logMessage('Hello Message!');
  logError(Exception('Hello Error'), stacktrace: StackTrace.current);

That's it you have a beautiful highly customizable logger.