Email Otp Auth is a Flutter package that provides email verification via OTP (One-Time Password). This package includes two primary methods: sendOtp and verifyOtp. The sendOtp method sends an OTP to the specified email address, while the verifyOtp method verifies the OTP by matching it with the one that was sent via the sendOtp method.


To use this package in your Flutter project, add the following import statement:

import 'package:email_otp_auth/email_otp_auth.dart';


Sending OTP

Use the sendOtp method to send an OTP to an email address.

EmailOtpAuth.sendOTP(email: emailController.text);

Verifying OTP

Use the verifyOtp method to verify the OTP sent to the email address.

EmailOtpAuth.verifyOtp(otp: otpController.text);


  • Send OTP to any email address.
  • Verify OTP sent to an email address.


👉 For a complete example, refer to the Email OTP Auth package.

Report bugs or issues

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