eGHL Flutter Plugin

An example of Flutter integration with eGHL SDK

Guidelines linking to SDK

Refer here on how to link for iOS & Android platform


Request Payment

String paymentId = 'DEMO${new}';

Map<String, dynamic> payment = {
  'TransactionType': 'SALE',
  'Amount': '1.00',
  'CurrencyCode': 'MYR',
  'PaymentId': paymentId,
  'OrderNumber': paymentId,
  'PaymentDesc': 'Testing Payment',
  'PymtMethod': 'ANY',

  'CustName': 'somebody',
  'CustEmail': '',
  'CustPhone': '0123456789',
  'MerchantReturnURL': 'SDK',   //merchant system's browser redirect
  'MerchantCallBackURL': 'SDK', //server-to-server URL as an additional link to merchant's website

  'ServiceId': 'SIT',
  'Password': 'sit12345',
  'LanguageCode': 'EN',
  'PageTimeout': '600',
  'PaymentGateway': true,      //default is true for staging, false for production
  'EnableCardPage': false,    //default is false
  'TriggerReturnURL': false, //default is false

result = await Eghlflutter.executePayment(payment);