A wrapper for the Amazon Chime SDKs. Allows to join Chime meetings using audio and video.


🚩 Chime does not work on Android emulators!
"NOTE: Please make sure that you are running on ARM supported devices (real devices) or simulator with arm supported. We do not support x86 currently, so simulators with x86 will not work."

The example works on Android emulators as far as showing the version of the SDK.
Anything else will trigger UnsatisfiedLinkError.

Instructions for your app

  • Set the min SDK version to 23 or above. (Chime needs API level 21, but platform views cannot be displayed below API level 23.)

Used Versions



Versions 2 and above do not support iOS

I need a maintainer for the iOS version!

Version 1 has support for iOS but due to file size problems versions 2 and above currently do not support iOS.

🚩 Chime does not work on iOS simulators!

Instructions for your app

Used versions



Not included yet and currently no time to do so. Sorry.