Easy Web Views in Flutter on Web and Mobile!

This is an updated version from Rody Davis: https://github.com/rodydavis/easy_web_view

  • Supports HTML Content or a Single Element
  • Supports Markdown Source
  • Supports convert to Flutter widgets
  • Supports remote download of url
  • Markdown -> Html
  • Html -> Markdown
  • Supports change in url
  • Selectable Text
  • Supports multiple views on the same screen if you provide a unique key

Online Demo: https://rodydavis.github.io/easy_web_view

Getting Started

Setup iOS Info.plist


For Loading a new url or changing width/height just call setState!

  src: src,
  isHtml: false, // Use Html syntax
  isMarkdown: false, // Use markdown syntax
  convertToWidgets: false, // Try to convert to flutter widgets
  // width: 100,
  // height: 100,