An easy to integrate flutter library to create modern tooltip with customized content. Mobile supported tooltip allows you to dislay text popup with a transparent overlay and dimiss the bubble by tapping anywhere of the screen. Compatible to flutter web but hover feature is not yet suppored.


Getting started

To add the UI as simple as:

  content: 'hello world',
  child: Icon(Icons.info_outlined),

Advanced Usage

Attribute Description Default
text required display text of the tooltip null
child required clickable child of the tooltip null
width maximum width of the tooltip 200
arrowHeight Height of the arrow 10
borderRadius Border Radius of the bubble radius 10
backgroundColor Background color of the tooltip blue
padding Padding of the text content of bubble symmetric 8, 10
textStyle Text style of display text white, normal
onDismiss Callback when the tooltip show and dismiss null
onEasyTooltipTap Callback when the tooltip child tapped null
  text: 'hello world! hello world!hello world!hello world!hello world!hello world!hello world!hello world!',
  bubbleWidth: 300,
  padding: const EdgeInsets.symmetric(vertical: 8, horizontal: 12),
  backgroundColor: const Color(0xFF385E9D),
  onEasyTooltipTap: () {
    debugPrint('child is tapped.');
  onDismiss: () {
    debugPrint('tooltip is dismissed');
  child: const Icon(Icons.info_outlined),